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About Us

Fat Penguin is Different from Typical Marketing Agencies – We’re Better.

At Fat Penguin Marketing, our mission is to empower businesses to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape with confidence. Through tailored, data-driven strategies, we aim to amplify our clients’ brand stories, foster meaningful connections with their audiences, and drive growth in the marketplace.

The Fat Penguin Story

Our story at Fat Penguin Marketing began in 2012 from the entrepreneurial spirit of our founder, John Hessler. Initially, Fat Penguin was a creative outlet and side hustle for John while he managed his corporate and church leadership roles.

As word spread about John’s unique approach, this humble venture transformed into the robust operation we are today.

We stand strong, representing values of integrity, creativity, and dedication. We blend creative, modern, data-driven solutions with innovative marketing strategies, treating each client as a valued partner and their success as a collective triumph.

From serving local businesses to partnering with companies nationwide, our story at Fat Penguin Marketing continues to unfold. We’re not just making waves; we’re leaving an indelible impact. We invite you to join us as we continue charting this exciting journey, making a difference one campaign at a time.

And if you’re wondering how we got this super cool name, BOOK YOUR FREE STRATEGY CALL, and John will tell you all about it!

Meet John
Founder & Chief Penguin
John Headshot 2023

John Hessler: the man who towers over the crowd not just in stature but also in talent and dedication. Birthed into an entrepreneurial family, John quickly learned the art of standing out.

As Fat Penguin flourished from a humble side hustle into a heavy part-time business endeavor and then a full-fledged agency, John has maintained a hands-on approach. He isn’t your typical agency owner – he has personally grappled with every aspect of marketing services, honing his skills over years of experience and across many industries.

When he isn’t immersed in crafting your standout marketing strategy, you’ll find him enjoying his family and chasing various creative passions – music, photography, cooking, and recently Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a discipline that sharpens him for the marketing battlefield.

John sees his clients as more than just business relationships. For him, each client represents a unique story and a unique goal. His personalized and data-driven strategic approach fosters deep trust and long-term partnerships.

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